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Are you publishing IMyObjectUpdated messages?

If you find yourself publishing a message called IMyObjectUpdated, you are likely violating service boundaries.

Why? Because publishing a message every time your object changes is a sure sign that your other services are saving representations of your object. In other words, you have duplicated data between services, and to stay in sync, you have to publish DTO-style messages every time your object changes. Data duplication indicates that your services are not fulfilling their role of being fully responsible for the business capability they implement.

Instead of publishing an IEmployeeUpdated message containing every field on the Employee entity, you should be publishing events like IEmployeeCreated, IEmployeeFired, and IEmployeePromoted. Each of these event messages should only contain the employee id and one or two other fields.

Pay close attention to how much data is contained in messages that get shared between services. If your services are publishing messages with more data than IDs and dates, then it is high time to re-evaluate your service design.


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